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Transition Business Financing

Are you retiring or ready to sell your business?

Whether you're passing the business along to family members or selling it to management, employees or an outside buyer, we offer several long-term financing options depending on your circumstances.

Transition Business Loans

Our investment bankers have advised hundreds of company owners on business transition issues — mergers, sales, transfers or IPOs — and have the knowledge and experience to meet your objectives and needs.

Perhaps you’re looking to hand your business down to your children. Or you might simply want to sell to the highest bidder. We’ll do a valuation of your business to assess what your business is worth and provide business transition planning that minimizes tax consequences of any sale or ownership transfer—while ensuring your business will continue to thrive well into the future.

We take a holistic approach to all our small business clients. So besides offering sophisticated business transition advice, we assist you with transition business loans. Our goal is to help you thoroughly consider your options and ensure you have the freedom to enjoy whatever lifestyle you choose once you exit your business.

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What we offer

We can assist your company in getting additional funds for your business growth as we work closely with more than 15-30 different Banks and Financial Institutions and can offer loans up to $2M for the purchase of an existing business or a change in business location. We can help you by finding a best lender funding your business transition, or more, as we have the experience and track record of assisting our customers in sourcing for additional banking facilities for their business.

We go ahead of banking to work with business lenders and grant you the loan. If you are determined to grow your small business and are committed to good credit management, we can provide the transition business financing.

From past 3 years of experience in working with a network of lenders we are well positioned to assist our customers in sourcing for additional banking facilities for their business

Benefit from our extensive experience in business transition financing. Our professionals will work with you to find the optimal financing structure to ensure a smooth transition.

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