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Retail Business Loans

If you own a retail store and you know that the success of your business may be affected by consumer spending trends. But did you know that the U.S. Commerce Department reported a 10 percent increase in retail sales from 2012 to 2013? At QuickCapitalUSA, we’re here to help your retail business capitalize on positive trends and growth opportunities in a global marketplace.

Retail Business Financing

We’ll handle your financing needs, so you can focus on your customers and grow your retail store. Our retail business loans and merchant cash advances give you the flexibility to address your unique business needs such as:

  • Stocking up on inventory for seasonal spikes in business volume
  • Increasing your advertising to attract more customers to your store or website
  • Improving your access to working capital to cover payroll or unforeseen expenses
  • Renovating or expanding your retail business

A New Approach to Financing

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As the direct funding source, QuickCapitalUSA eliminates the middle man in the funding process and delivers the retail financing for small business solution that is right for you. Unlike a traditional retail loan from a bank, there are no mountains of paperwork or long waiting periods to endure. Our financial solutions offer:

  • Funding in as few as 6 business days
  • Options available for retail stores with poor credit
  • Flexible financing and payback options
  • No restrictions on capital use

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