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Self Storage Financing

A self-storage business provides storage rooms or outdoor space for rent. They rent self-storage spaces to individuals, for storing goods for small businesses, for example storing inventory or stock, for storing office records or important raw material which is required. Rented spaces are commonly known as storage units and are secured by a key giving to the tenants. Self Storage operators very rarely have access to contents in the space. Self Storage Facility operators very rarely take any custody or possession of the tenants property unless a lien is imposed as provided in self storage laws for nonpayment of rent of their Storage Facility unit.

Self Storage Business Loans

What we offer

  • Self Storage Loans from $5000 to $2M
  • Small Self Storage Commercial Loans
  • Term – fixed rate: 2- 10 years
  • Adjustable rates also available
  • Amortization: 20, 25, and 30 years
  • Prepayment: We offer several alternatives
  • LTV ( Loan to Value) : up to 85 % available on most Commercial Loans
  • Secured and unsecured Commercial loans available depending on borrower strength.

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Similar program features as our large balance program, the small balance self storage financing program is designed for loan sizes under $2M.

Stated income self storage commercial loans are available for most commercial real estate property types located in medium and large market sectors across the country.

QuickCapitalUSA provides office commercial loan options as a part of our Self Storage Building Commercial Loan Program. To qualify for a self storage loan, the building must support a minimum 1.25 DSC. Stated income Self Storage commercial property loans are available with a maximum LTV of 55%.

Self Storage Commercial Mortgage Loan Financing

Our Lenders will assist the borrowers with Self Storage Commercial loan with Self storage facilities which they leases for storing household goods or to small businesses commonly for storing excess inventory or office records. Rented spaces are usually known as storage units and are secured by giving a key to the tenants.

Avail our debt consolidation loans for self storage facilities

Apply for our self storage facility loan and self storage space building mortgage to consolidate various types of loans including persistent lines of credit and loans used for upgrading units and loans used to finance the purchase other mini storage projects. This business loan for real estate is a great way to increase the cash flow of self storage facilities.

Use our Acquisition & Development Loans for Self Storage facilities

These types of loans can be utilized to acquire existing self storage buildings and renovate or remodel it. This type of self storage facility loans can be used to procure a land and build a new self storage building or entire self storage facility.

Self Storage Facility Purchase Loans

In order to purchase a self storage facility you need a self storage financing. Our lenders will provide you the loan with fixed interest rates. Commercial mortgages to purchase a self storage facility allow investors to obtain the necessary leverage to stretch investment dollars for greater returns. Business loans for self storage facilities of all sizes are right here and we stand ready to serve with a commitment of quality and integrity to all of our customers.

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