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Evaluating The Credentials

Lender will use online software to evaluate the applicants credit worthiness, if the applicant meets all the specific criteria the prospective lender would take a final decision to approve the business loan and if the application is denied, we would be notified on the same.

Our simple three-step process to financial independence means loan approval for qualifying businesses which is granted within 48 hours.

Loan Process

All that you need to have

  • Business Loan Application Form
  • A viable and credible Business Plan or proposition
  • Photocopies of Sole proprietors/Partner’s Identity card/Passport
  • Companies operating bank current account statements for the last 1 year (Client Propositions)
  • Past two year’s income tax returns
  • Residence proof Latest phone bill or utility bill

Value additions

Fastest Approval: We facilitate the process and we are committed to give you a conditional approval in 2-3 days
Complementary Services: Get a complementary current Account
Unsecured: No collateral is required

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