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Alternative Business Funding

Entrepreneurs operating some of the fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses in United States of America use a wide variety of financing sources. QuickCapitalUSA Services is committed to providing an extensive range of financing options to our Small Business customers.

Need Alternative Business Cash Advance Loan?

Immediate Business Funding to Advertise, Expand or Renovate Your Business, Open New Locations. QuickCapitalUSA provides immediate funding, small business loans and merchant card services to help you power your company's growth. In 2013, over $500 million was put to work by successful merchants.

Alternative Business Loans

We specialize in providing business cash advances to business owners who prefer to not borrow from banks or don't wish to add to their bank loan. A cash advance is solely based on the monthly volume of Visa/MasterCard transactions. You Decide How to Spend up to $2M per Year.

Equipment leasing

It takes an equipment to grow a business operating at its maximum potential. Whether you need to replace worn or outdated equipment or add equipment to accommodate increasing demand, you are going to need money to purchase that equipment.

QuickCapitalUSA is based on the health of your business, not the specific equipment or use case.

QuickCapitalUSA has funded millions to small businesses for equipment purchasing in these categories:

  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Medical and Dental Equipment
  • Retail Equipment
  • Equipment in over 600 other industries.

A New Approach to Financing

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We understand the need to keep up with technology, and that can be expensive. Our business equipment leasing options allow you to purchase your needed equipment and offer payback options that you can afford. You may qualify for a 3-month to 24-month business equipment leasing loan from $5,000 up to $2M. This range covers most business equipment financing for small businesses.

Asset based lending

An asset-based lending works the similar way as a mortgage. If you borrow money against an existing possession, and if you can’t meet your obligations, the asset is repossessed. Assets which can be used as collateral include property and premises, accounts receivable, inventory and equipment. Our group of lenders will help your business cash flow by getting you funded in less than 5 days. Minimal Documentation is required and lending decisions are returned in just 24 hours. Repayment terms will most likely be 12 months or less. Repayment can be on daily basis through either your bank account or through credit card processing. These are considered high risk business loans and thus carry a high cost and short term. When your business cash flow is hurting though, QuickCapitalUSA is a viable answer. Without good cash flow a business cannot survive.

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