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Trucking Business Loans

Trucks are a very essential vehicle, not necessarily to take humans from place to place, but to host larger objects that need to be transported from one place to another. Trucks are used as a means to transport goods in bulk or huge items, and without these vehicles, it would be very difficult to shift from one place to another be it to relocate your home or your office as well. Also, there are a number of industries that rely on trucking businesses to receive their daily share of goods. Take for example the hospitality industry- they need a certain amount of edibles and amenities mentioned in their invoice to be delivered in bulk to them on a daily basis, and only a large vehicle can help them out in this bit.

However, trucking businesses may not all be MNCs, and getting funds from a lender to invest in their business can get difficult especially if they approach a traditional lender for help. That’s why, lenders like QuickCapitalUSA are here to assist small businesses like yours, in getting the funds they need to continue running their business.

Trucking Business Loans

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Truck Financing for Bad Credit

Every fairly new business owner may in most likelihood have bad credit, unless the business was started solely in cash due to perks such as family wealth. By keeping the latter group of people aside, it is inevitable to have bad credit unless you’ve borrowed a large loan from a single lender. However, getting a large loan isn’t the easiest since mostly traditional lenders offer such huge amounts of money, and if you’re a small business it is very likely for your request for funds to be turned down by them since they don’t benefit largely with such businesses.

That’s when you may decide to borrow multiple small loans which may showcase your credit score as bad. As unfair as that seems, what’s even more unfair is the fact that these traditional lenders do not agree to fund bad credit holders either. That’s when you can rest assured that you shall in most certainty receive the finances that you need from us, since we do not rely on credit ratings in order to fund our borrowers. We offer trucking loans for bad credit to those who need the money.

Small Trucking Business Loans- What Can I Use Them For?

Have you applied for an SBA loan and been rejected? This does happen sometimes even when you are eligible. And one loan rejection can always lead to another. Well, we can provide you the solution to get out of this downward spiral and secure a loan. If you are eligible for our loan, rest assured that we shall approve funding for your business. Many borrowing businesses hence use our services as a second chance on loans.

Loan Eligibility

Your trucking business loan can be used for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Purchasing an already existing trucking business
  • Contractor loans for trucking businesses
  • Investing in your existing trucking business
  • Buying new vehicles
  • Buying a new place to set up a new branch of your trucking business

Trucking Equipment Financing

Every business needs a continued effort of investing in new equipment, since technology is only growing. That includes the trucking business, and if the owner wants to do better, s(he) may have no option but to go all out with the necessary equipment. It may be as small as the necessary tools or spare tires required for your trucks, but it is necessary to keep them ready in order to avoid any delays and unwanted situations. Trucking equipment financing is therefore offered by us, in order to help you face any and every challenge as they come, without causing a delay.

No Credit Check Truck Financing

The one thing that every business owner is reluctant about when applying for a loan is his credit score. If a hard credit check is conducted by a lender, it can cause a reduction in the credit rating, making it difficult to get good deals elsewhere or in the future. The one thing that you do not have to worry when applying for a loan with QuickCapitalUSA is that we do not conduct hard credit checks, which means that not only is your chance of receiving funds from us higher than what it may be with any other lender, but you do not have to worry about a reduced credit rating either.

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