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Pharma Business Loans

pharmaceutical business financing

We help mid size companies who are in need of capital to undertake research on various diseases, drugs or to improve the current activity or production levels. Most Pharmaceutical Companies have trouble obtaining working capital and/or equipment financing. We connect you to financial institutions and banks that are more likely to finance the pharmaceutical industry.

What we do

We understand the capital requirement from you and connect you to our lenders providing capital exclusively to Pharma companies in USA with a fair reputation and flexibility. Our lenders will provide you with customized financing options according to the requirements of the company and you need to make sure you get the loan or mortgage you need with the terms and payments that you can afford.

Objective of the loan

The loan will exclusively provide additional growth capital to support a significant increase in the company’s activity levels, including new product launches, refinancing, restructuring etc.

This loan may be a secured term loans used for general working capital purposes, product licensing or acquisition opportunities, cash flow loans support acquisitions, refinancing, recapitalizations and company growth or it might be equipment loans used to purchase laboratory and manufacturing equipment, computers, furniture and tenant improvements.

To meet your needs, QuickCapitalUSA structures financing programs of upto $500,000.

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