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Peer to peer funding is the practice of lending money to unconnected individuals, or "peers", without going through a traditional fiscal intermediary such as a bank or other traditional financial institution. This lending takes place online on peer-to-peer lending companies' websites using various different lending platforms and credit scrutiny tools.

Borrowers make fixed monthly payments and investors receive their share directly to their account.

What we offer

QuickCapitalUSA Services offers peer to peer small business loans up to $500,000. Our peer to peer funding are accessible directly to individuals without the intermediation of a bank or traditional financial institution. Peer to peer business lending allows people to connect with one another to transact online - with real money and in real time.

Our lenders will review loan listings, and invest in those that meet their criteria.

We’ve consistently been voted the most trusted and best loan provider by our customers.

Loans can be made between individual users. QuickCapitalUSA Services offer lower, fixed rates and fee structures than traditional finance products without sacrificing privacy and security.

Short durations-save your time

Established, consistent profitability of consumer credit

Monthly Cash Flow

No forestallment penalties

Low fixed rates & Payments

No hidden fees

Borrow up to $500,000 at an interest rate as low as 6 to 35% APR

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