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Hotel Business Loans

Hotel and Motel Financing

If you are in the hospitality industry, you are well aware of the intricate details that go into making it a successful venture. A hotel or bed and breakfast is no different. The owner of a hotel has a sole objective: to make guests happy and comfortable. How you go about doing that is the key to your success. But whatever you choose to do, hotel financing solutions need to be considered to ensure the success of the business.

Hotel business loans are often used to:

Hire seasonal staff

Purchase catering supplies

Update landscaping

Upgrade rooms or make repairs

Open additional locations

Advertising is also a big ticket item for many hotel owners. With the increase in online booking sites, it is important for the health of the business to inform prospective clients of the hotel’s unique attributes.

Use our loan programs to:

Expand or renovate your existing facility

Acquire new locations

Re-brand or co-brand

Refinance existing debt

Some key features of this program are:

Loan Amounts $250,000 and over

Conventional Loans

Loan to value up to 90% on acquisitions and 80% on refinances

Long term permanent financing up to 25 years

Financing for multi-service, limited-service, or all-suite hotels

Key Benefits of Our Loan Products

The biggest advantage, if you receive a hotel business loans through QuickCapitalUSA, is that you are free to use the capital for any business expense. Unlike bank loans where the usage of the funds is closely monitored, our hotel and motel financing is yours to use on any business expense, from advertising and remodeling to inventory and equipment upgrades.

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