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Why Convenience Store Loans Today Need to be Easy and Quick

Convenience stores typically experience short-term cash needs for various situations. Oftentimes, these needs relate to inventory expenses, store equipment purchase and maintenance expenses, staff expenses, working capital needs, uniforms, utility bills, and emergency requirements. The difference between the time that an investment provides returns tends to be the time for which convenience stores tend to use loans by alternative lenders.

The key to funding a convenience store in the right way is hence to provide ease and quickness, and we at QuickCapitalUSA understand that this is especially essential when it comes to alternative lending. As an alternative lender, we have worked for years to ensure our processes are lean and efficient, making ease and quickness a true deliverable for each convenience store loan request.

Business Loan for Convenience Store

A Convenience Store Financing as Reliable as Your Services

After ease and quickness, the next most important quality of a convenience store financing plan is the reliability associated with it. A loan is considered reliable when the chances of its approval are high. With us, you can rest assured of the reliability as over 90% of the loan requests are approved. There are many other valuable advantages that we offer convenience store owners:

A New Approach to Financing

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  • We accept all credit scores
  • The loan application is brief and online
  • We provide prompt customer services
  • We can extend an option to skip the hard credit check in certain situations.

Small Business Loan for Convenience Store Equipment

Most loan queries we receive from convenience stores pertain to the purpose of equipment hiring and purchases. With us, you can secure a small business loan for your convenience store equipment, whether you wish to:

  • Invest in purchasing new equipment
  • Purchase used equipment
  • Rent new equipment
  • Rent used equipment
  • Pay for maintenance charges or plans for equipment

So, unlike most conventional loan options that only let you buy new equipment, you get a practical solution for your exact needs when you choose us.

Financing Solutions for Convenience Stores with Bad Credit Performances

Today, bad credit scores are not necessarily just a result of poor credit management. We understand that the challenging times of the recent past have led to credit score issues that relate to the various financial and business environment-related issues that simply were not in anyone’s control. So, we are accepting loan queries from businesses irrespective of the credit performances, as long as our eligibility terms are met by the borrowing business. So, whether your personal credit scores are low, or your business’ credit scores are low, worry not – simply choose us and the funds you need could be yours with ease.

SBA Loan Rejected? We Could Help

When your business is rejected a loan once, chances are that with every new loan application, your credit scores get dented and the loan request gets turned down. This can keep making loans more difficult to get and further and further expensive, when available. With us, you can keep this worry aside as we do not reject loans based upon any other past loan rejections. You can get a second chance on a loan with ease, and should you not qualify for our loan, your credit scores can remain unchanged, unlike what would happen in the case of a traditional loan.

Flexible Financing Solutions for Convenience Stores

Convenience store owners often tend to find our financing solutions ideal for their business, as we provide a great extent of flexibility when it comes to repayment choices. Subject to the assessed eligibility of your business, with us you can enjoy great flexibility and as per your needs, you may be able to:

  • Repay each month or twice a month
  • Pay back in 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Extend loans while the repayment schedule is active
  • Pre-pay the loan with no penalties
Apply for the Business Loan for Convenience Stores Now

Making loans convenient for a convenience store is what we strive to do. Having understood the benefits we offer, the next step could simply be loan application. Just filling in our online loan application gets you started and you can get a business loan for your convenience store in as little as 2 business days post submitting the required details and documents. We provide loans of up to $2M, so whatever your need may be, most chances are, that we’ve got you covered!

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