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Do you own business loans for cleaning services? QuickCapitalUSA is here for you. No matter what your need is, as long as you meet our easy eligibility terms, you can get funded. Understanding the needs of cleaning service businesses and the industry’s dynamics, we have put together a suited set of features that make borrowing easy and feasible for cleaning services:

  • We can accept all credit scores
  • We can provide funding in just 2 business days
  • We can skip hard credit checks in certain situations
  • Our loans can fund many emergency needs on time
  • We have simplified the application and approval processes
  • We provide flexibility in repayment choices
  • We provide loans for all business purposes and should there be a need for a loan for multiple purposes, we can approve loans for that too.

With all these advantageous features and more, most of the financing needs of a cleaning business can be realized with ease and this is the role we seek to assume in the market.

Business Loan for Your Cleaning Services

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3 other great advantages for bad credit borrowers that we can provide (subject to such eligibility) include:

  • Choice of payment patterns
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Option of extension of loan tenure in case of inability to repay on time

These benefits are often very valuable to those with poor credit scores and can also help bad credit borrowers heal their credit when used the right way.

Small Business Loans for Cleaning Services with Any Credit Score

Getting a loan when you have poor credit scores can be a daunting task. Today’s business environment and many of the recent changes have left a lot of cleaning businesses with unhealthy credit performances.

One of the immediate effects of a bad credit score is the loss of opportunities to get loans from traditional options like banks and SBA loans. However, what many borrowing businesses today use in such situations, is an alternative lender. We at QuickCapitalUSA serve as an alternative lender and we accept loan requests from borrowers with any credit score. So, if you are looking for a cleaning services loan for bad credit businesses, you are in the right place. We can provide you with a short-term financial solution for your needs, based on the basis of your cash flow and revenues instead of primarily filtering based on credit scores.

Funding for Cleaning Services Companies rejected for SBA Loans

Have you applied for an SBA loan and been rejected? This does happen sometimes even when you are eligible. And one loan rejection can always lead to another. Well, we can provide you with the solution to get out of this downward spiral and secure a loan. If you are eligible for our loan, rest assured that we shall approve funding for your business. Many borrowing businesses hence use our services as a second chance on loans.

Eligibility for Cleaning Business Loans

Meeting our loan eligibility terms is easy. We require rather basic qualification terms to be met:

  • Business must be registered in the USA
  • Minimum 3 of years of business operations
  • Business setup showing at least 1 year of revenues and smooth cash flow
  • Minimum 40 % of shareholding in the business
  • Monthly Gross Revenue of at least $15,000
  • No declared bankruptcy in the past 12 months
  • Should have at least one guarantor for signing the business application form

Additional documents might be required depending on the strength of the application.

Quick Loans for Cleaning Services – Apply Now

Understanding the benefits and ease that we offer loans with, you are likely to have made up your mind to secure a cleaning service business loan from QuickCapitalUSA. The next step is to simply complete our loan application and submit the required documents. Shortly after receiving your loan application, our team shall be in touch with you to discuss a suitable loan offer for your cleaning service!

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