Salon Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

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Salon Equipment Financing Bad Credit

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Our beauty salon loans can pull your business out of the water or prevent a potential financial disaster. Maybe your salon or spa has taken a hit just because of a recent economic downturn. After all, in times of recession beauty treatments and other “luxury” services are the first to be cut by consumers, so you are likely to feel the impact more heavily. Yet whether or not you make sales, your expenses still have to be taken care of.

This is the time many salon and spa owners look into salon equipment financing for their businesses. Typically, salon owners like you can turn to banks, the process can take months — just to obtain an approval! For a business owner in this situation who needs capital fast, this route may not be the best course of action.

Enter QuickCapitalUSA; we understand that salon and spa owners in urgent need of cash do not have the luxury of waiting months to obtain a loan decision. That’s why we can usually get back to you with an answer within 48 hours. Our application process is fast and easy — all we require is a one-page application form.

What we Offer

Salon equipment financing with bad credit from QuickCapitalUSA can be your funding solution, because we actually want to fund small businesses. Working capital from us can give you the upfront cash necessary to realize that great new marketing idea or project that could upgrade your beauty salon or spa. Beauty Salons and Spas can use our Financing for a variety of reasons to improve their business such as:

Purchase Supplies

Purchase Equipment


Expand Location

Add Staff

Working Capital

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